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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Training Safety Officer (TSO) Program Goes to Kentucky

The Kentucky League of Cities and the Kentucky Center for Criminal Justice Training (CCJT) recently hosted a Training Safety Officer (TSO) class in Richmond, Kentucky. The new commissioner for the CCJT academy is Mark Filburn, who was previously the law enforcement coordinator for the Kentucky League. Mark is a believer in the TSO program and plans to implement it in all of their active training sessions.

The 60-65 students who attended were from the academy staff, as well as certified instructors from area police departments and sheriffs’ offices. After the classroom portion of the training, they worked in small groups to conduct a risk assessment of training sessions and of their training sites. Using that information, they prepared a safety briefing and a few were selected to present their briefing to the class.

We have learned that the safety briefing is the foundation for reducing and preventing injuries in law enforcement training. As with past classes, the briefings got better and better as they incorporated ideas from other presentations.

We have information on the program on our website at: If your region would like to schedule a class—or if you would like more information—contact me at (651) 281-1238 or

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