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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fall Training Workshops Are Back!

The League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) is sponsoring fire and police workshops this fall. The schedules have been set, and two top, nationally recognized presenters are booked. For just $15, you can't afford to miss these opportunities!

We are very fortunate to have Randy Means scheduled for the fall police workshops. Mr. Means specializes in police operations and administration. He is a long-time legal and risk management instructor for the International Association of Chiefs of Police and has instructed for virtually every major institutional provider of law enforcement—training more than a quarter-million police officials covering every state and Canada. Mr. Means writes the legal column for Law & Order Magazine.

Mr. Means’ presentation of Police Leadership in the New Normal will feature his no-nonsense approach to leadership and management that has gained national attention—and will resonate with department leadership and line officers alike.

Attending this workshop will improve your skills for working in a world where resources, expectations, values, and communications are changing—and for working in new cooperative relationships, joint powers agreements, and multi-agency departments and task forces.

 Some of Mr. Means' themes will include:
  • Policy (make it real or change the policy)
  • Supervision (if officers can see the target, they will hit the target)
  • Organizational culture (the power of fear—and why minor misconduct unchecked causes major misconduct)
  • Need for proactive discipline and risk management (the greatest cause of police liability is failure to discipline)
The workshops will be in White Bear Lake on October 3 and in Bloomington on October 4. Lunch is included. To register, go to

We listened to the firefighters who attended Dr. Rich Gasaway’s last series of workshops—and the comments, participation, and positive evaluations were unlike any we have ever received!

This fall, Dr. Gasaway will be back presenting Training for Failure: Why First Responder Training Must Change, which will cover why some methods of training firefighters on essential skills may actually contribute to near misses and casualties.  

He will weave together the science and his real-world experience as he describes:

  • How the brain learns
  • Role of stress on learning and skill performance
  • Need for repetition in training
  • Relationship of situational awareness, decision-making, and human error
  • Why recommendations from fatality reports aren’t reducing casualties

The workshops will be in the evening and will include a meal. Dates and locations are: Brooklyn Park, Sept. 12; Grand Rapids, Sept. 20; Rochester, Oct. 1; Mankato, Oct. 2; Brainerd, Oct. 15; and Perham, Oct. 16. The courses are filling fast, so register early!

To register, go to


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