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Monday, April 8, 2013

“Excellent classes. Relevant, informational, and interesting.” Chief Tim Motherway, Crookston Police Department

LMC Sr. Staff Attorney Jack Hennen
presents "What’s Really Driving Police Crashes"

The evaluations and comments from the 2013 workshops have been gratifying. The sessions in the police track are connecting well with the officers.

Chief Kim Murphy from Thief River Falls told us: “The HR session for police was very well done, timely, and long overdue as a topic. I hope that next year this training will again be a full day with HR issues included.” That class—taught by the League’s HR staff—includes a Skype session with a police psychologist, and the staff is fielding many questions during and after the class.

The League’s litigation attorneys are teaching the data practices class. Their presentation—combined with the written materials and some real-world sample problems for the class to solve—allow officers to apply the statutes to real situations and problems.

Lt. Andy Everhart presents to attendees via Skype.

The driving session never leaves the classroom, but officers leave with roll-call-packaged training sessions, including a video of Lieutenant Andy Everhart. Lieutenant Everhart takes the class back through the last ten years of his life as he recounts his squad car accident where the people in the other car were critically injured. The focus of this class is on the officer’s decision-making while driving—particularly with regard to speed, and in treating each intersection as an “environmental change.”

Another attendee—Chief Mike Hedlund of the East Grand Forks Police Department—reflected: “The entire police track was well presented and valuable. All topics could probably have used more time. Good classes.”

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