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Monday, May 12, 2014

Culture: The Common Thread for These Resources

School Violence
The California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training has released a new training video as part of their “Did You Know?” series. The new release, entitled “School Violence”, is a short video on the culture surrounding school violence. The professionally produced video is a great tool for School Resource Officers (SROs) working with schools, facilities, and parents—and is useful for shift briefings or roll-call trainings.

“School Violence” can be downloaded, and here’s the link:

The original Emmy-winning “Did You Know?” series is part of the Commission’s Safe Driving Campaign. They have added new videos and currently have five online with links to additional related trainings. Be sure to check out the latest, entitled “Conversations”—it’s all about the culture.

Here’s the link:

Fire Department Culture and Strategies
In a recent issue of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) Journal, columnist Ken Willette has an interesting article on fire department cultures and strategies. The article is titled “Pass the Syrup—A Fire Service Debate Illustrates the Idea of How Culture Can Eat Strategy for Breakfast.”

Here’s the link:

                                                Responder Safety = Public Safety

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In the meantime, stay safe and be careful.


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