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Thursday, October 3, 2013

ALIVE: Free, Effective Online Fire Training

ALIVE featured multimedia, online training
It is fast-paced, interactive, tactical, realistic fire training—and it’s online. This training is the result of research at New York University (NYU) Polytechnic Institute, in conjunction with the fire departments of New York and Chicago, as well as Bloomington, Eagan, and Eden Prairie. What? Yup…New York, Chicago, and three paid-on-call fire departments from Minnesota. Oh, and one more thing….it’s free!

ALIVE presents cutting-edge firefighting tactics directly to the firefighters. These tactics can be implemented immediately, and will reduce the risk of firefighter injury and death. This training, based on research conducted by NYU, will greatly enhance your knowledge of structure fires and their contents.

The online multimedia course is so good that the firefighters who take the class online have a higher level of retention and understanding than the firefighters who took the class in a traditional classroom setting. These courses will hold your interest.

Learning to fight fire in the modern way
ALIVE currently offers two courses: “Wind Driven High Rise Fires” and “Fires in Lightweight Residential Construction.” If you are thinking that fighting a high rise fire is not likely in your community, take the course anyway. Wind driven fires can happen anywhere, and this course lays the foundation for the research and for an understanding of what is happening when a building burns.

The module “Fires in Lightweight Residential Construction” uses NYU and Underwriter’s Laboratory research to demonstrate why these buildings burn so much faster. This course will frame a timeline for your fire attack and fire ground decision-making, including whether to position firefighters above the fire. A third module on Fire Dynamics is also in development.

The link for more information on the training and to enroll free can be found at: NYU can set up a portal for your department to facilitate your team getting the most out of the training.


                                         Responder Safety = Public Safety

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